Linda @ Painted Whyte December 11, 2010

Well its been a really hard week.  Last Friday night at about 3am my tummy started to hurt and then it was a trip to the bathroom every 30 min - i'll leave out the gory details and just say that i really wished i would have splurged on the really soft toilet paper.  Then lucky me at 9am i started puking my guts out, it was not a pretty sight let me tell you!   I was supposed to go to my work Xmas party that day but that didn't happen.  I had to work the next day and that was touch and go and by midnight that night i was puking AGAIN aacchh. I swear i have lost at least 10 pounds.  Then Monday was still really week, Tuesday i had to work and that was still really hard - i haven't really eaten much since last Friday than hurray Wedn i woke up with a nasty cold and a fever and i have not left the house since Tuesday i think.  Tomorrow i am going to try to be brave and go to the Butterdome Craft Sale - wish me luck!

I have a couple of finished pieces i need to show you but haven't pictured most of them yet but to tide you over for a couple of days (i've been such a bad blogger) here is the before and after of my stereo cabinet i found on kijiji.  It is now my TV stand at my place.

This is the picture that was advertised on kijiji - i think i paid $20

Just need to organize all those cables lol  boy they look bad dont they?