Linda @ Painted Whyte September 27, 2010

Well on Saturday we made a little road trip out to Mannville to pick up my next batch of goodies from this really nice lady i met recently.  I had no idea when she said "Why don't you come here to see everything i have?" that there would be soooo much stuff.  Seriously my jaw almost hit the ground as we were driving up her driveway.  Umm i think i might have squeeled too :) What a sweet lady she is, we get out of the truck and she was like do you want to come in for coffee first or look at the stuff and do coffee after.  Anyone who knows me would laugh because they know i would say no no no we have to look first.  I started running before i was even done talking lol. 

I'm sure i was looking around for a couple of hours and picking and choosing what i could fit in the truck and since i am unemployed i had a limited amount of cash so it worked out ok.  Have i told you how sweet she is?  Well she said anything else i wanted she would save for me until i had the money.  So i already have a list started with things i will pick up next.  Once we were done she had us come in for coffee and snacks.  Wow, she had made tuna sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, home made brownies, home made coconut raspberry squares (that were to die for!), veggies and dip, cookies, chips and pickles.  We did not expect that at all - i honestly was in heaven and would have moved into one of her sheds in a second lol  She is also taking 2 of my cats to live with her.  I've been trying to find a home for them for a while & hoping that someone i knew would take both of them - they are going to LOVE it at her farm.

Anyway, i better show you the pictures of my new shabby chippy treasures.

We might use this one as a bathroom vanity for our basement

This cabinet is really cool cause it has shelves on both sides of it - this one is option #2 for the bathroom
These shelves are on both sides of the cabinet shown in previous picture

I got 2 of these :)

The fan & vase already found a home - and the vase was made in Italy!

This one needs a good cleaning before it can be used

Antique Medicine Cabinet #1

Antique Medicine Cabinet #2

This rickety mirror also found a home

3 turquoise jars right next to my new Dolce Gusto Coffee maker!

 Can't wait to show you the next batch of treasures :)

Linda @ Painted Whyte September 19, 2010

My very good friend Michele and i decided a while back that we were going to have a garage sale - actually i have been talking about it for years and years but every summer it just never happens.  Wow its alot of work!  Maybe that's why i never made the time in the past.  Well this past weekend we finally took the plunge.  We got rid of alot of stuff but honestly the tables still look full with stuff (after Thursday night i ran around my house looking for more things to put in the sale - Wednesday night you could not fit in another item and that is no joke) and were actually thinking we might do another one before the snow comes because i really do NOT want to pack up everything that is left.  We made pretty good money but if you could see my garage now you would think it hadn't even happened yet.  I wish i would have taken an after picture but i do have some before shots.

Linda @ Painted Whyte September 14, 2010

I recently found a lady about 2-3 hours out of the city that lives on a farm and is starting to down size and sell off some treasures.  I feel very blessed that i found her because boy did i get some goodies and more is to come.  In my last post i had mentioned that i had an item being delivered that was yellow.... this might be my favorite out of the truck load.  Which one do you like best?

This chair is very old - not sure how old but i think the cushion might be filled with straw.

I was told these two beds are about 100 years old - the lady i bought them from slept in the one on the left with her sister when they were little 

4 old rustic crates - i think i will line them with fabric or paper and use for my scrapbooking supplies

This was her 1st table, she bought it from pioneers from Mannville


4 old chippy windows

Merry Christmas to me! (and you should see whats coming in the next delivery)

Linda @ Painted Whyte September 7, 2010

I have to apologize, i've been such a bad blogger lately.... after holidays i was home for only about 5 days and then Melanie and I were off to Calgary for the weekend.  They have a new Coach outlet store just outside Calgary so in 3 days we went 4 times i think :)  My willpower was tested like crazy... since just coming back from Vegas and California my bank account was a little low.  I actually stood in line with an amazing black handbag and was going to pray to the Visa gods to let me have it but i talked myself out of it... i know shocker right?  Kevin did buy me a Coach handbag when we were in Vegas so sadly .... i left without one but Melanie and i decided we would go back again real soon.   Well worth the drive!!!

Within a couple of days after Calgary i got attacked by the cold bug and had to completely stay away from any dust or paint fumes because i was just gasping for air even when i was wearing a mask so i had to take a bit of a break.  I do have a before and after for you - it took me a while to finish because of my forced break but it is done and ready to be delivered to its owner.  I actually really like the colour... its YELLOW!  I'm not normally a yellow lover but this tone of yellow feels very calming and cozy to me hmmm and soon i will have something else to show you in yellow.  I found it on kijiji along with several other awesome things - they will arrive on the 15th when the seller drives into Edmonton (she is about 2 hours out of the city).

Anyway, back to the before and after....

I added the only knobs i had left from my stash just so i could take a picture... the only thing is they are pink... the client is going to wait until its in her space to decide on the style of knobs, so for now for the after picture they are pink lol