Linda @ Painted Whyte October 27, 2010

I've been really busy lately trying to clean up the house that my shop is in because i will be moving back into it in a couple of weeks.  My plan is to turn one of my spare rooms upstairs into my living room and my living room and dining room downstairs will remain my shop.  Because i will be living in the same house as my shop i should be able to get alot more furniture done!  That's my hope anyway :)  I just picked up a couch tonight and am having my wing back chair slip covered.  I have a couple of pieces i need to finish in the next couple of weeks - i am working on a coffee table, tv stand, & headboard and am on the lookout for an awesome bedside table.  Yesterday i picked up some pretty white curtains from Ikea for the living room and have decided on the paint colour.  I just have to sew some curtains for my bedroom (i bought some fabric a couple of years ago that should work) and pick a colour for my bedroom.  So lots and lots to do but i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I wanted to show you some pictures of the most recent piece i painted for a client - i forgot to take a before picture oops - i was waiting to post finished pictures until she purchased the hardware so here they are.  This was her desk from when she was a little girl - the inside of one of the drawers even has crayon scribbles all over it :)

Linda @ Painted Whyte October 21, 2010

Well i turned 27 oops 37 yesterday.  Did i honestly just type 27 oh boy that is funny, i guess it is wishful thinking :)  Anyway, i bought myself a birthday gift and thought i would show you what i got.  I don't really know how to use it yet but hopefully that won't take too long.  Cross your fingers for me.

Canon T2i

I found a really good sale that included all the above plus a memory card -woo hoo i can't wait to learn how to use it.  I have been using a Canon Point and shoot camera so i'll probably take a class from either McBain Camera or London Drugs.

Linda @ Painted Whyte October 16, 2010

A couple of weeks ago i finished an old french door that i transformed into a unique headboard for a client of mine.  She had this old door in her garage and didn't know what to do with it so i came up with this. 



This is how i did it:
  1. Removed all the glass from the door
  2. Sanded, then primed it
  3. I painted it a dark grey
  4. Next was a couple coats of white
  5. Some distressing of coarse
  6. Then clear coat!
  7. I asked Kevin if he could cut me some pieces of plywood to match the size of the glass
  8. Then i cut out 15 pieces of batting and 15 pieces of the white fabric my client picked out.
  9. Next was several hours of going staple gun crazy!
10.  Last step was to nail in the fabric covered wood pieces & TA-DA a new headboard!!!!

All it needs are some King size pillows to prop up against the headboard with some pretty decorative pillows and it will be fabulous!

Linda @ Painted Whyte October 12, 2010

I am so sorry for being such a bad blogger - it hadn't felt like that long since my last post but the last post was September!  Oooops!

I have a couple of pictures of new items from my new friend in Mannville!  I took my little RAV4 this time so i was a bit limited in space.

Garden Ornament #1

Garden Ornament #2

Galvanized Tub #1

Galvanized Tub #2

Galvanized Tub #3 ( also have #4 but forgot to take a picture)

 That's my ginormous kitty very curious with the new shabby stool.  I also got an ice cream pail full of antique thread spools, an 80+ year old Bread box, and a Robins Egg blue coffee pot!  

Pssst i already have a box started for next time - a bunch of old milk glass for my collection!  Have i mentioned how happy i am that i met this awesome lady?  Thanks Charlotte!