Linda @ Painted Whyte June 27, 2010

For months now i've been reading all my favorite blogs all over the world and very jealous of all the items people keep finding on the side of the road.  For months i was like treasures don't sit on the sides of our roads here in Edmonton, AB, why is that?   Was i just unlucky?  Did those items just sit on the side of the road in the early morning and since i am NOT a morning person everything is already picked up.  I had just about given up when last Friday my best friend Melanie and i had plans to go to a movie so i was picking her up - we saw Sex in the City 2 and it was awesome by the way - and just about a block away from her house on the side of the road was an old bay window and some shutters underneath.  I told Melanie but we were in a hurry to get to the movie so we decided i would drive by on the way home and see if they were still there.  Guess what?  They were still there and boy was it hard work to get them un-pinned from behind the big huge window.  There was 4 of them in 2 different sizes and i was thrilled beyond thrilled and smiled all the way home.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet, any suggestions anyone?  I snapped a quick picture to show off my side of the road finds!!

So last week Kevin was gone and in Vegas lucky bum, so i decided i would take the opportunity to surprise him with a new bedroom.  Some of you may remember a bed i found on kijiji months ago - it was a captains bed for a queen size bed which was really cool and it was only $50 so i snapped it up right away - the pieces of this bed fit the entire back of the truck including the back seat - it was huge and i knew it was going to be alot of work but boy was it a big project. 

Thank god i had one of my best friends, Michele to help me.  I don't even know how many hours it took - she helped me for at least 3 solid days which includes a ton of sanding, getting it into my RAV4 and her little Nissan Versa (we had to be very creative) and putting the bed together with NO directions.  I've never been handy in the way of putting things together even if it was Ikea furniture but Michele is very good at it so i was very grateful she was with me for this project.  It was difficult even for her but we eventually figured it out.  Well i should be honest here and let you know that Kevin got home and we weren't even done yet -  we did most of it ourselves but when Kevin saw it we (as in he) figured out that we were missing some pieces.  He was so surprised to see what we had done - he didn't expect it at all (of coarse the reveal would have been much better if it was actually finished when he got home), so off we went to my shop to find the missing pieces...  They were hidden under a bunch of furniture and junk in my "shop", isn't that a shocker lol! 

All is good except for two pieces of the bed are blue right now because they didn't get painted - ooohh i was mad at myself because once we found them i remembered that i was the one that put those pieces were we found them - oh well mistakes happen right?  So can you guess what colour i chose to paint the bed? 

Here are the before & during pictures of the bed.

So this is the reason i haven't been blogging much for the past week - later on this week i will have the after pictures to show you.  I wish i would have remembered to take before pictures of our bedroom when we still had the furniture in it - i have pictures with the walls patched so i'm sure you can picture how hideous the room was with the before shots of the paint on the walls and the lovely blinds that have been hanging up for a million years (i will show you those pictures in a couple of days).  Kevin was so surprised and couldn't believe i did all of that in only one week.  

I still have beside tables and stereo table to paint before the room is completely finished but i love it so much already!!!!!

Linda @ Painted Whyte June 17, 2010

Several weeks ago i found this ad on kijiji for this gorgeous round side table with awesome legs and of coarse i had to have it - i managed to be the first one to email her and she held it for me until later in the day when we could pick it up - i was very lucky because she said she had a ton of responses after mine.  I can't wait to get it painted but unfortunately i have so many other pieces i need to finish first - some of my stuff and some for clients so my table will sit and patiently wait her turn.

Then..... yesterday i was having a fight with myself because i wanted to check out my two favorite thrift stores but i was really trying hard to talk myself out of it - i mean do i really need more furniture ummm nope but what if there is a treasure waiting for me to find - so back and forth - yes i'm going.... nope .... ok yes but i will just look quickly (like "quickly" makes so much of a difference right?).  I walked into the first one and nope nothing but i still had a feeling there was something for me to find so off i went to the next place.  I walked in the door and walk straight to the furniture area and what do i exact matching round side table to the one i found weeks ago.  So now my pretty new table has met her soul mate.

I would now like to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Round Table......

             Aren't they the most perfect couple?  lol

Linda @ Painted Whyte June 10, 2010

Every time i step into "my shop" - the living & dining room in my house. (i don't live there thank god- no room) i say to myself that i will NOT go on kijiji anymore... not even to just look!  But what happens as soon as i leave the stacked up unpainted furniture, i talk myself into just looking at kijiji or just stopping at a thrift store and once AGAIN something followed me home... honest it did!  I almost bought one a while back from kijiji but two sisters who were selling it didn't talk to each other apparently and the cabinet i thought i was picking up was already gone, i was so sad.  Soooo when i saw my new beauty i felt i HAD to take it home, i mean i would have bought it ages ago already so really i wasn't bringing anything home that wasn't expected right ha ha yes this is my attempt at justifying it... good excuse yes? no?  Anyway, here she plan for her is some paint, some distressing, some chicken wire and a flat screen mounted above!

Linda @ Painted Whyte June 7, 2010

So, i have recently found some items that i am very excited about.  Two weekends ago my best friend Melanie and I went to a community wide Garage Sale in Cardiff - i think we must have gone to 20 houses that day and in the rain.  It was only 3 degrees above that day so i'm so glad we both found some things we were excited about because it made it all worth it.  I wish i would have taken a picture of how we looked by the time we got home - 2 drowned rats!! 

Both Melanie and I do alot of scrapbooking (or maybe we just have alot of scrapbooking stuff lol) and the first garage we went to was an old stampin up consultant getting rid of all her stuff - i got over $140 worth of stuff for $20 WOW i was amazed and oh so excited.  Melanie got about $170 for $30.  So with a start like that we were totally motivated.  I wanted to scream when i saw 2 old wood ladders sitting on a driveway in the rain.  I ended up getting the smaller one 5' because the other one wouldn't have fit in my car.  You'll never guess how much i paid for it.......they wanted $5 for it which is so cheap but i have really gotten into the bargaining of a garage sale and asked "will you take $3?" and they said YES.  So we threw it into the car and off we went.

When i got home i brought in the ladder and Kevin was like " why the heck would you bring an old rickety ladder home?" umm hello because its totally shabby chic and cool!!!  Our three cats thought it was pretty cool too.  I'm going to show you a picture but please please look past the nasty Ikea blue paint on the walls in Kevin's house - and i only just stuck the ladder in the corner so it was out of the way for now - once we finish the living room my other built in will go in that corner and i have tons of ideas for my new awesome ladder.  What would you do with it?  Share please.

Today i picked up a wing back chair from someone off Kijiji - i have been looking for one for a while now.  Actually i did find one a couple of months ago for $20 at one of my favorite thrift stores and i let Kevin talk me out of it.  He said i would find another one when the living room was done and we had room for it.  Well ya i could find many of them but they were for $100-200 each and there is no way i am paying that for a chair when i saw one for $20.  Last night when i found one on kijiji i was very excited because she only wanted $40 and thrifty me offered her $30 and she said yes so woohoo for me.  Here's a picture!  I am going to get a white ruffle slip cover made for it similar to photo below (pic from in the fun lane).  This time i didn't tell Kevin about the chair until AFTER i bought it ha ha


Linda @ Painted Whyte June 1, 2010

We just delivered two transformed dressers to a client of mine, I was already in love with the garage but now i saw the inside of the house and i want to move in.  Mel you guys have a gorgeous home!  I am really happy with the dressers (i wanted to keep them but that would be wrong lol).  Mel needed two smaller dressers for bedside tables because she has a small space and is very limited.  Once she puts her headboard back and lamps and things in place she will send me an updated picture but for now, just some quick pictures i took.