Linda @ Painted Whyte June 7, 2010

So, i have recently found some items that i am very excited about.  Two weekends ago my best friend Melanie and I went to a community wide Garage Sale in Cardiff - i think we must have gone to 20 houses that day and in the rain.  It was only 3 degrees above that day so i'm so glad we both found some things we were excited about because it made it all worth it.  I wish i would have taken a picture of how we looked by the time we got home - 2 drowned rats!! 

Both Melanie and I do alot of scrapbooking (or maybe we just have alot of scrapbooking stuff lol) and the first garage we went to was an old stampin up consultant getting rid of all her stuff - i got over $140 worth of stuff for $20 WOW i was amazed and oh so excited.  Melanie got about $170 for $30.  So with a start like that we were totally motivated.  I wanted to scream when i saw 2 old wood ladders sitting on a driveway in the rain.  I ended up getting the smaller one 5' because the other one wouldn't have fit in my car.  You'll never guess how much i paid for it.......they wanted $5 for it which is so cheap but i have really gotten into the bargaining of a garage sale and asked "will you take $3?" and they said YES.  So we threw it into the car and off we went.

When i got home i brought in the ladder and Kevin was like " why the heck would you bring an old rickety ladder home?" umm hello because its totally shabby chic and cool!!!  Our three cats thought it was pretty cool too.  I'm going to show you a picture but please please look past the nasty Ikea blue paint on the walls in Kevin's house - and i only just stuck the ladder in the corner so it was out of the way for now - once we finish the living room my other built in will go in that corner and i have tons of ideas for my new awesome ladder.  What would you do with it?  Share please.

Today i picked up a wing back chair from someone off Kijiji - i have been looking for one for a while now.  Actually i did find one a couple of months ago for $20 at one of my favorite thrift stores and i let Kevin talk me out of it.  He said i would find another one when the living room was done and we had room for it.  Well ya i could find many of them but they were for $100-200 each and there is no way i am paying that for a chair when i saw one for $20.  Last night when i found one on kijiji i was very excited because she only wanted $40 and thrifty me offered her $30 and she said yes so woohoo for me.  Here's a picture!  I am going to get a white ruffle slip cover made for it similar to photo below (pic from in the fun lane).  This time i didn't tell Kevin about the chair until AFTER i bought it ha ha



Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Haha we are garage sale soul sisters or something! Great finds! Your husband sounds like mine. I pulled a patio umbrella out the neighbor's trash the other day. He was pretty confused over where it came from. You'd think after a few years of my garage sales and thrifting, he wouldn't question me by now. :)

awal.ny said...

You go girl, I love them both. And I can't wait to see the chair when done. Husbands they just don't get it, but we love them. I always go with my gut and the question, am I going to think about it if I let it get away. Happy garage saling.

Tamarah said...

Hi Linda....!

Your chair was a GREAT buy & will look gorgeous slip covered....!

Yes....You should NEVER pass up a good ladder...If ONLY to please our moggie friends....!

....hahahaha....I wish I was closer so I could come over & help you paint....!!

Tamarah :o)

Tina said...

Your ladder and chair are gorgeous Lynda! Yay to you for being such a fabulous bargainer!! I need you to come shopping with me:) Your chair is going to look beautiful with a white slipcover, hope you will show us when it is done..please? Hope you are having a great start to your week ~ Tina x

Anonymous said...

Good finds! The ladder is cool and guys just don't get it~

I am sure you aren't aware since you are new to blogging, but you should always credit back photos that are not your own (I recognized the photo from

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hi Anonymous
I was aware actually but forgot to ad it - thanks for the comment but wish you weren't anonymous so i could send you a thank you.

Boy do i wish you lived closer because this Ikea blue is going to put me in the nut house!

And i will forsure post about the slip cover when it is finished.

A Cottage Muse said...

Great pickin'!! Leave the ladder for a while as is ~ I am sort of liking the gray tone! I have a chair similar to yours...let me know where you find a ruffled slipcover!!

AnthonyRosesShabHome said...

Love the ruffled slipcover I want to know also!

Cheryl said...

Hey Linda,
Great finds. Don't forget to use Maria for your slipcover. She does fabulous work for a very reasonable price. The only thing is she will be going to Europe for 7 weeks leaving June 15. Anyways, if you can wait it's definitely worth it. Good luck!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I love those wing chairs from Life in the Fun Lane! I can't wait to see yours all done!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful eye and drive to achieve. I have a husband similar to yours (he would love those blue walls!). I really like coming to your blog to see what you're up to. I live just outside Edmonton and if you can find someone to create that slipcover, I'd like to know. Based on one of your posts I went to that shop in Stony Plain and found an adorable table and chairs that I now get to paint. And your cats are beautiful. Debbie

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments. I am going to get the slipcover custom made and was going to use a lady that one of my clients told me about, but reading my comments Cheryl tells me she is going on vacation for 7 weeks so i guess i'm going to have to wait for a bit, but i will forsure post about it when its done and share all the info with you guys!!!

Angie said...

Oooh can't wait to see the chair done!! The ladder is sooo cool!! The other day I saw a photo in blogland where the hung it sideways on a wall and used it as a book shelf. THE coolest thing ever!!!! I'll try and track down the photo and email it to you!

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