Linda @ Painted Whyte August 18, 2010

Well i'm back from my road trip and hoped to be refreshed and full of energy but nope not a chance, vacations are exhausting!  Drove to Vegas from Edmonton, went to see "O" (omg totally loved it) the night we arrived, then drove to Anaheim, California & stayed for 7 days but it was 5 days of Disneyland, 1 day in Huntington beach, then aquarium at Long Beach and then back to Vegas for 3 nights than drive back to Edmonton, AB .... and somehow i was able to read 3 really good books Breaking Dawn, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner & The Time Traveler's wife!  geez i'm tired just typing all that lol  Oh and of coarse i did some treasure hunting in between all of the above!  How the heck did i manage to do all of that AND spend all my money ha ha

Ok so this is difficult to talk about it still is so upsetting to me... Kevin had it in his head that we couldn't go to Riverside until the day we were driving back to Vegas, Angie from Treasures gave me the names of a couple of places to go to but i really didn't know what to expect so i bought what i could before we went to Riverside (i didn't want to go home with an empty truck just incase i didn't find anything ) , so i got some pieces that were ok, some better than ok and a couple pieces that i love.  Anyway, i filled up the truck - yup i did, but i picked up this gorgeous armoir from Craig's List in Anaheim that took up most of the space.  So when it was time to drive to Riverside the truck was already full and i only had room for a bird cage, some lamps and jewelry.  In one tiny area there were a bunch of antique stores & thrift stores - all in two little strip malls - i almost died and was so sad that i couldn't take so many things i wanted home. 

One of the thrift stores was a Goodwill so i figured i would just check it out quickly, i don't know why, maybe to torture myself but in the furniture section there was this amazing antique Singer sewing machine - the machine was black with flowers painted on it and the bottom was SINGER in awesome black cast iron.  I'm sure you could picture the look on my face, but just wait it gets worse, yes i said worse, the price tag was only $29.99!!!!  I was so upset, i honestly almost cried because i couldnt take it home.... Kevin said we had no room, i begged and begged and was even willing to donate the chair i had bought days before so that i could have the sewing machine but NOPE he wouldn't budge.  Geez you don't want the truck piled high up in the sky with furniture and then drive 24 hours (in two days) back to Edmonton - sniff sniff ok i guess i see his point, but ...

Ok so this is my plan soon as i save enough money which might be a while... I'm going fly to Riverside, California do tons of shopping with Angie (she knows all the good places) and fill up a huge truck, like a moving truck, maybe a UHAUL -not sure if i can drive one from the U.S to Canada and then leave it in Canada but i'll have to do some research.  Then hopefully i won't be forced to leave a single fantastic treasure behind.

Here are a couple photos of some of my finds and 2 pictures i took in Vegas that i love and think i might get blown up & framed.

Oops forgot to put the drawer back before taking the pic!

Look at those awesome chunky legs!
Headboard & Footboard -queen sz

Queen Headboard - do you see white shabby chic?

Twin sz and i have two of them! 

This is the chair that almost got traded for the sewing machine!

Ugly huh?  I think some fresh paint will give it a totally different look.

This one looks handmade to me - i love the legs!
Well some how i forgot to take a picture of the hall butler/tree hmmm - can you picture how full the truck was?  Alot of creative packing that's for sure!

Oh and the Vegas pictures, almost forgot!


Julienne said...

I would have traded the chair! To make matters worse for you I have just sold three of those old singer sewing machines for between $350 and $400 Aus. They are losing their popularity a bit here and I am cleaning out my garages. Love the beds and the armoir. So enjoying your blog.

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I think the u-haul plan sounds fabulous! I want to try that out too one day!

chair up said...

Oh I hate that for you Linda! You just have to go back and make up for what yu missed this time around!
All of those pieces are fantastic and I'm sure you'll be busy over the next little while:o)

Angie said...

You got some great stuff Linda!! You let me know when that shopping spree is- I'll be ready!! As for the sewing machine- well i've had a crazy week and haven't headed over there. I'll check tomorrow morning and let you know! ;)

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