Linda @ Painted Whyte September 27, 2010

Well on Saturday we made a little road trip out to Mannville to pick up my next batch of goodies from this really nice lady i met recently.  I had no idea when she said "Why don't you come here to see everything i have?" that there would be soooo much stuff.  Seriously my jaw almost hit the ground as we were driving up her driveway.  Umm i think i might have squeeled too :) What a sweet lady she is, we get out of the truck and she was like do you want to come in for coffee first or look at the stuff and do coffee after.  Anyone who knows me would laugh because they know i would say no no no we have to look first.  I started running before i was even done talking lol. 

I'm sure i was looking around for a couple of hours and picking and choosing what i could fit in the truck and since i am unemployed i had a limited amount of cash so it worked out ok.  Have i told you how sweet she is?  Well she said anything else i wanted she would save for me until i had the money.  So i already have a list started with things i will pick up next.  Once we were done she had us come in for coffee and snacks.  Wow, she had made tuna sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, home made brownies, home made coconut raspberry squares (that were to die for!), veggies and dip, cookies, chips and pickles.  We did not expect that at all - i honestly was in heaven and would have moved into one of her sheds in a second lol  She is also taking 2 of my cats to live with her.  I've been trying to find a home for them for a while & hoping that someone i knew would take both of them - they are going to LOVE it at her farm.

Anyway, i better show you the pictures of my new shabby chippy treasures.

We might use this one as a bathroom vanity for our basement

This cabinet is really cool cause it has shelves on both sides of it - this one is option #2 for the bathroom
These shelves are on both sides of the cabinet shown in previous picture

I got 2 of these :)

The fan & vase already found a home - and the vase was made in Italy!

This one needs a good cleaning before it can be used

Antique Medicine Cabinet #1

Antique Medicine Cabinet #2

This rickety mirror also found a home

3 turquoise jars right next to my new Dolce Gusto Coffee maker!

 Can't wait to show you the next batch of treasures :)


Anonymous said...

I think you may have made a friend for life. She sounds wonderful.

There is a guy, around here, whom we bought a sink from. Havinf tea is like a sign of respect to them. Nice haul. I am happy for you.

Shay said...

Oh my goodness...If you don't use that vanity(top picture) for your bathroom..I totally want it, lol!!!..If it's for sale, email me the price!!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Lots of wonderful treasures and a new friend ~ you are one lucky girl!!

Lee Laurie said...

These are going to be gorgeous whenever you get finished with them. Can't wait to see!

Good that you made a new friend too!

Patricia said...

WOW, yes I would have been running and squeeling too!! I think you picked up some amazing treasures. The medicine cabinet without the door looks like
so maybe this is what I have. I saw an old tiny medicine cabinet like the one you showed, in Ontario and I always wanted it but the price was outrageous!!
So thrilled for you. If you make the first cabinet a sink please post pics!!
Take care,

WhiteWhispers2u said...

You found some awesome Loot there.I love it when that happens.~Cheers Kim

Lucy - By the Hill said...

I looove your goodies! What a nice lady too! It sounds like you have made a friend and you probably were the highlight of her day/week/year?
...and nothing like a real good "dig" amongst the old shabby stuff that only certain people would consider treasure. I love it myself, the chippier the better!
That cabinet on top is to die for!

Tamarah said...

Hello Linda.... :o) !!

What a LUCKY opportunity for you to stock up on some YUMMY finds....Your 'lady' sounds like a sweetheart....I wish I could have been there 'with' for afternoon tea....!

I'm LOVING each piece but really....You had me with that FIRST GORGEOUS blue cabinet....Perfect perfect PERFECT....!!

I hope you're having an AWESOME week....!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah :o)

Angie said...

Jackpot!!! I LOVE the turqouise cabinet!!! She sounds like such a sweet lady!

Curtains In My Tree said...

Looks like you hit the jack pot. I want that turquoise dresser. I know that had to be a lot of fun finding all that.


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