Linda @ Painted Whyte November 6, 2010

I knew as soon as i bought my Canon T2i that my laptop would conk out and yup my computer is sick and not sure if its terminal :)  I am also in the middle of doing some clean up and cosmetic work at my house and then will be moving in maybe by the 15th so i will be back sharing my new found treasures, and some before and afters after the 15th.  Please everyone send good thoughts to my laptop!!


Angie said...

Uh oh!!! Lots of good thoughts to your laptop! Can't wait to see what you do with everything!

carebear3117 said...

I know how frusterating it can be without a computer to use. My hubby Lloyd is a computer technician and we live in Edmonton. He will travel to where you are and he is very reasonable. If you are interested just message me.


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad to hear you've got some pt work, although I've very much enjoyed watching your growing business. Can you tell me who your slipcover lady is as I have stuff I could use done?
Thanks, Debbie

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hey Debbie,
I havent been blogging much lately because of the move, having the flu and back to work but i am still working on Painted Whyte. I will be blogging about my slip covers in the next couple of days but i will forsure email you the info. Thanks for commenting!

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