Linda @ Painted Whyte November 25, 2010

Wow, how did this month go by so quickly?  I haven't had a chance to blog in weeks.  I've been busy moving back to my house.  I know having your shop in your living room & dining room isn't the best choice but its the only one i have so i have made it work.  I had many many hours of cleaning and purging to do (that's what happens when you don't live in the house & leave the door open from the shop so the dust can travel to the rest of the house - plus many many years of having a shopping problem - both, not very smart choices) 

I now live in the same house as my shop which works pretty well actually.  The living/dining room is closed off with french doors and on the main level along with the kitchen.  Upstairs i have my bedroom, bathroom and two spare bedrooms so what i have done is turn one of the spare rooms into my living room.  I really am happy with how its turned out.  Small & cozy!!!  I haven't hung anything on the walls yet but i have a plan in my head that i just need to execute.  When i am finished i will post a bunch of pictures.  For now i will show you a before and after of my new headboard.



(The paint on the walls aren't as dark as it looks like in these pictures)

One of my old employers called me to come back to work, so i am now working part time.  Thankfully my fingers remembered all the computer systems so i didn't really have to be re-trained after being gone for just over a year.  Thank you fingers!!  So weird that my brain didn't remember passwords but my fingers just typed them in, all by themselves lol.

I have more before & afters to show you later on in the week!!

Linda @ Painted Whyte November 6, 2010

I knew as soon as i bought my Canon T2i that my laptop would conk out and yup my computer is sick and not sure if its terminal :)  I am also in the middle of doing some clean up and cosmetic work at my house and then will be moving in maybe by the 15th so i will be back sharing my new found treasures, and some before and afters after the 15th.  Please everyone send good thoughts to my laptop!!