Linda @ Painted Whyte October 12, 2010

I am so sorry for being such a bad blogger - it hadn't felt like that long since my last post but the last post was September!  Oooops!

I have a couple of pictures of new items from my new friend in Mannville!  I took my little RAV4 this time so i was a bit limited in space.

Garden Ornament #1

Garden Ornament #2

Galvanized Tub #1

Galvanized Tub #2

Galvanized Tub #3 ( also have #4 but forgot to take a picture)

 That's my ginormous kitty very curious with the new shabby stool.  I also got an ice cream pail full of antique thread spools, an 80+ year old Bread box, and a Robins Egg blue coffee pot!  

Pssst i already have a box started for next time - a bunch of old milk glass for my collection!  Have i mentioned how happy i am that i met this awesome lady?  Thanks Charlotte! 


Julienne said...

Love the kerosene heater.

I can remember cool evening and sitting around one just like that!!

Shay said...

Hey Linda, awesome finds..I want your job, lol!! Are any of the metal galvanized tubs for sale(especially #1)?? If so, please let me know the price!!
Have a great day!

Nancy said...

How cute is that bicycle!
Great stuff!

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