Linda @ Painted Whyte May 20, 2010

I started on a new project the other day for a new client- hi Mel!  She has a garage that i'm totally jealous of!!!!  Hmmm maybe one day. 

I wanted to show you the before pictures.  These took a while for us to find because they had to be a specific size because of a small room.  These two are going in her bedroom as bedside tables.  I'm actually on the hunt for two more for myself.

the second picture, the one with the hardware  had some damage on the bottom trim - you can kinda see it in the picture so with some glue, clamps and some wood filler it should be good as new but i am going to be giving it a "shabby chic" makeover so that sort of thing just blends in anyway.

I have a funny story... In Canada "Shabby Chic" isn't as well known as the U.S yet but i really thought that saying something is Shabby Chic was self explanatory and it is growing to be more and more popular.  Anyway, I had a dresser advertised and received a phone call from someone that was interested in it - she went on saying "well are you flexible with the price because it looks pretty beat up"  i almost had to laugh but didn't want to be rude so instead, in my head, i was like ummm ya its shabby chic .... but said "yes it is supposed to look like that, i'm the one that beat it up and its called Shabby Chic" and she was silent and just said "Oh" and said goodbye.  Isn't that funny?  Having an ad with a title of Shabby Chic i thought made sense .... i had a good giggle anyway.  Thought you guys would get a kick out of it too.

As soon as the dressers are completed i will for sure post the after pictures!  I can't wait to finish them.  I find every project to be so exciting no matter how many i do - i love the before step because of all the thoughts and visions of what it could be and then i love the reveal because my vision has come to life and it is finally ready to go back home or to a new home.  Does that sound weird?  Hmmm oh well, i know some bloggers that have given them names, that will be next for me i think :)


awal.ny said...

How funny about the Shabby Chic thing. We had that happen to us when we were building our house. A friend came over to check out the progress and saw our kitchen cabinets and wanted to know what color we were going to paint them. Oh no I said those are perfect, shabby chic. The look he gave me was priceless. I love my kitchen cabinets and I wouldn't paint them ever. Well ever is a long time, maybe in a long time.

Have fun with your new project. Hows that mirror?

Tina said...

I had a giggle too about the Shabby Chic lady Lynda:) She just doesn't know what she is missing!! I love the look of the dressers for your client and can't wait to see what you do with them, I know they will be just beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi many people don't get shabby! They are horrified when people paint "good wood"! Looking forward to your afters!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Hi! I am new to your blog and absolutely love it! I am really obsessed with antiques as well. I can't wait to go and read your old posts. Isn't it just so much fun to find these things on the cheap and flip em?

Deb said...

Hi Linda, I love these dressers as bedside tables...great idea! Looking forward to seeing them after you work your magic!

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