Linda @ Painted Whyte May 30, 2010

I had the best weekend!  The first garage sales for me this year and boy am i glad i wasn't afraid of getting wet because boy did it rain this weekend and yesterday it was only 3 degrees and raining (actually it turned to snow in the early evening ).  But Melanie had her cute rubber boots and i had the puppy in my sweater and we were on our way to the garage sales.  On Friday we went to the Dovercourt area where there were 20 garage sales!  I left with 4 solid wood chairs for $5 - an antique fan that looked brand new and still works (no on /off buttons back then just plug them in) for $5, a Royal Albert "Kentish Rockery" tea pot for $0.50, a milk glass bowl for $0.05, a glass candle holder for $0.25, 3 old glass milk bottles for $4 and some sewing needles for free.  Since we couldn't fit the 4 chairs in Melanie's vehicle, Kevin and I had to go back later in the evening (note to self:  next time write down the address when there are 20 garage sales in one neighbourhood) and i found this awesome "Ab Lounger" for $20 that is now sitting beside the elliptical i haven't used in a while - but i swear i am going to use both very soon :)  Also Friday night i picked up a couple of pieces from a new client and dropping off the dresser she purchased from me, and had to pick up an awesome piece i found on kijiji that i will reveal later on in the week, maybe lol.

Saturday i went to one of my favorite antique stores to see if a frame that i wanted was still available.  I think i changed my mind about a million times before i finally let myself buy it.  I'm not sure why i was having such a fight with myself over it because i really wanted it but oh well now i have it.  The only reason it was still in the store after weeks of trying to decide weather i should buy it or not is because the 1978 painting inside the frame was beyond horrible - i call it the 70's porn star painting (you just need to ad a cheesy mustache)!  I can't wait to get some white paint on it!! 

 Tomorrow i will post the pictures of some of the other items and tell you what Melanie and i found in Cardiff yesterday (another 20+ garage sales and if you are a scrapbooker you will freak when you see all the things we got!!!)

I hope everyone had as good of a weekend as i did :)


Alaina said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and bargains to boot.
This weekend starts our flea market season and I always find lots of fun whites and linens. Have a great weekend, can't wait to see what you are painting next.

Creamy White said...

Hi Linda! It is a very nice frame!
I was wonderful to chat with you yesterday! Thans also for the advice about the mirrors for our basment.
Well, dear, for sure we''l meet this week in person. Nick will be with the kids for our treasure hunting next saturday!
Have a good week!!!
Li ~

Angie said...

HA!!! That's what I called our house when we first bought it!! It looked like the set of a bad 70's porno!! I can't believe the weather your having!?! It was 95 here yesterday!!!!!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Sounds like a very successful garage sale weekend!!!

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