Linda @ Painted Whyte May 16, 2010

After trying so hard not to spoil the surprise all week it is finally time for the reveal.  I really like how they turned out.  My new client, hi Cheryl, has a gorgeous home, i could have taken pictures and chatted with her for hours but Kevin was patiently waiting for me and she had dinner guests coming so that would have been kinda rude of me right lol 

So Cheryl picked out the Behr paint/primer combo in "raw cinnabar" and i was so excited to get started.  Since i have never used that combo paint before it was a learning experience for me that's for sure.  First i learned that it takes at least twice as long to dry (also extra long because dark colours take longer to dry - another thing i learned).  I was so excited to get to the shop the day after painting and then i couldn't sand because it wasn't dry, i was like what the heck?!?!! so i pouted the entire way home, actually only half way because i stopped and got a Slurpee from 7eleven and that cheered me up.  I know, small things amuse me.  So, the ........ next day i was able to start sanding and distressing and it just turned into a chalky pinky colour.  It looked like a pink/red chalk board so i freaked OMG what the heck happened now.  I switched to wet sanding which ended up basically getting the same effect when it dried.  All was ok though because when i clear coated it, the sorta wet red colour it was supposed to be came to the surface - yeah!!!!!  But then it took an extra day for the clear coat to dry for some reason, not sure why, but that's ok because they made it back home just in time for Cheryl's dinner guests.  When looking at the pictures please ignore the dust on the furniture from the drive over in the back of the truck - of coarse the camera had to pick that up right?


Grace said...

Lovely colour. I have been pondering painting our dining table in that colour - or black (so far black is winning with the family). You did a great job with the distressing. I just tried it this weekend for the first time and didn't distress mine as much as yours - I guess because I'm a newbie. It's all looking great.

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Grace you totally have to send me a picture! I guess you get braver as you get experience :) Its my favorite part of the process i think - just listen to some awesome music in my ipod and sand away!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

Linda you did a fab job!! Love the color...just pops!

Danica said...

It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it! They look great, Linda. I'm hoping to complete both my tables today, and (cross your fingers) put up pictures tonight. :-)

Creamy White said...

Hi Linda, sorry I didn't get back to you before. I've been away from the computer and took some time for myself. But now I'm back!!!
Well done Linda! Red is not my color but I really enjoy seeing how people can go for it and at the end looks fabulous!
About Morinville....It's still on! It's on asturday and I hope the weather doens't change too much.
Have a wonderful evening,
we talk soon,
Li :-)

Shaunna said...

These turned out beautifully! That really is a great shade of red. And...thanks for the kind comment about my dining set...I appreciate it very much. -shaunna :)

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