Linda @ Painted Whyte July 25, 2010

I am leaving for my treasure hunting/Vegas/California holidays on Friday so i am working on getting a couple of pieces done before i leave to make room for some new, hopefully awesome, US treasures.  We are driving to Vegas and staying for a couple of days than driving to Anaheim - Disneyland then to Huntington beach than back to Vegas for a couple of days and then back home to Alberta, so if any one of my blogger friends has any suggestions on places i should check out i would totally love it.  Angie from Treasures has already started a list for me - thanks Angie your the best!!!  You have to check out her blog she is such an awesome person and finds the most amazing treasures.... i am always so very jealous!!!!  She is right now trying to balance Treasures, Mr. Treasures, her children with a new full time job.  I know she will figure it out because that's how awesome she is and once she does i hope she will share that information with me because eventually i am going to have to go back to a "real" job and i really don't want to let go of Painted Whyte because i love love love it!  Painted Whyte is what i am meant to do and i am not willing to give it up so i'm gonna have to figure it out!!

A while ago a client of mine gave me this dresser that was sitting in her garage that was in really bad shape - it definitely did not age gracefully that's for sure lol  Oh boy and the hardware those had to be replaced immediately!  So with alot of band aids (wood filler), a ton of sanding, some white paint, distressing, some sparkly glass knobs and a couple McGyver moves and this dresser looked almost brand new.  It turned out better than brand new because this guy earned its new shabby chic title!  It was alot of blood, sweat and tears but it was so worth it (well there weren't any tears i don't think but you know what i mean).  This re-born dresser is already loving its new home with such a sweet lady... hi Beverly if you are reading this!


You can hardly see them in the picture but it has casters - love them!!


Kristine at The Painted Hive said...

Love that dresser. It looks just gorgeous and totally brand new. I am such a sucker for cute little castors.

chair up said...

That really looks so lovely now. I love how the white makes all the details stand out.

Tamarah said...

Hello Linda....!!

What an AMAZING transformation....!!

I hope you enjoy your trip....It sounds like a LONG drive so do PLEASE take care on the roads....!!

Look forward to seeing you back here with your Treasures....!!

Tamarah :o)

Alaina said...

Wow, amazing what paint can cover after you have put the band aids on. Have fun on your trip. I hope you find lots of new treasures to fix up or love just the way they are.

Angie said...

Thanks linda, that might be the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me ;) That dresser is beautiful!!!! You did an amazing job on that one! ;)

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow!! It looks wonderful! Have a great trip!

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