Linda @ Painted Whyte July 27, 2010

Since we are leaving on holidays on Friday these will probably be the last before and afters until after holidays. My best friend told me the other day that i needed to post some B & A's other than mirrors all the time but i have two clients that live in small houses and love mirrors to open up the space so they are keeping me pretty busy lately.  So today, for you Melanie,  i have another dresser makeover.... and a mirror ha ha.

This afternoon i installed the hardware on this lovely white dresser and was only able to get one picture before my camera died. I hate when that happens.  It's already gone to a new home where she will be very happy i'm sure. I've had her for a while but was finally able to get to it - she was oh so very sad with mint green and a very grimy white and many ugly layers of paint underneath - I practically sanded her right down to the wood. She was requested to be pure white.... no distressing.... it was not easy for me to just leave it alone after painting - i wanted to distress her so badly! Any other distress lovers out there have the same problem??? Anyway, with some glass knobs purchased from Lee Valley she turned out beautifully!



Mirror Mirror on the .... nope, this time its a stand up mirror!  A client of mine found this mirror on kijiji and wanted it painted cream so cream is what she got with some distressing of coarse.  In the after pictures it actually looks white but in person it is very clearly cream.  It turned out really pretty.



If my tomorrow is productive (???) i might have one last before and after to post before we leave, but that is a big maybe - why is there so much to do before you can go on vacation? 



Joy @ Thrifty Parsonage Living said...

It looks great...I love the knobs on the dresser!

awal.ny said...

The dresser looks great and the mirror too. I was wondering what you did with some of your new finds, there were some windows I wondered if you painted or not. I am usually a paint it just white, I have have not learned to distress to my liking, if I want it to look more naturally distressed I leave it outside to get weathered. I guess I will have to work on my technique.

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

So obsessed with the gorgeous new knobs!!!

Jess said...

HI :) I just discovered your blog! I am doing a room for myself (it will have a single bed) but will also be my craft room. It is just a basic small room with a closet. I am wanting to do it all white/creams etc. I am wondering if you have any posts that you think would be particularily good for me? You have so many great ideas that i could spend all day exploring your blog instead of making my room! haha. If you are too busy, that is okay too. My dad always told me it never hurt to ask. You are doing beautiful work and I am so glad it is working out for you!

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