Linda @ Painted Whyte July 22, 2010

Oh boy what a story.  I haven't written a post in a while, i didnt have much to post about because .... ok so what happened was ... over a week ago it was raining and i was walking down my front steps at my house (the shop) to go home - and anyone that knows me knows i pretty much live in flip flops and had my purse and slurpee in hand and i slipped and landed on my right hip (i now know that when unpainted wood gets wet it is extremely slippery especially with flip flops).  OMG i have never been in so much pain in my life!  Honestly i almost couldn't get up from the bottom of the steps - oh and sitting in a big puddle with my luck - oh and slurpee still in hand - of coarse i wouldn't drop my slurpee lol.  Just picture what it looking like, i'm sure it looked pretty funny but i definitely wasn't laughing.

After some time i finally got into my car but not without a few choice curse words - good thing there weren't any kids around.  I honestly screamed the entire way home because of the pain when stepping on the gas, clutch or break and had to call Kevin to come home to help me out of my car - that was not an easy task because i could hardly move - it was so painful even to sit oh boy and the stairs were a challenge lol poor Kevin he didn't know what to do because he would try to help me and i would just yell in tears no no no no ! 

Kevin took me to the medicentre because the ER was about a 6 hour wait and there was no way i was going to sit & wait that long.  It wasn't broken thank god but i think i dis-located my hip and when Kevin tried to help me get into the car for the last time with a bag full of pain killers from the pharmacy i heard and felt a pop.  It hurt but it was a good pop because after that i was able to move more than just an inch without screaming.  The doctor told me that i was to go to get xrays in about 4 days when i was mobile and haven't heard back so i'm guessing no news is good news but i will call tomorrow maybe just to make sure its not a fracture. 

Of coarse last week i had 3 clients pieces to finish by Friday but thank god they were all really sweet and so understanding and told me to not even try until i was feeling better.  What sweet clients i have right?  Well yesterday i decided it was time to finally get back to work - it still hurts a bit but not a big deal compared to what i felt last week that's for sure.  So then i stop and park in a parking lot to run across the street to the bakery (its not like i needed anymore junk food in the house) and i trip over something and it hurt like hell, i look down and sticking out of the parking lot are rusty pieces of rebar and one stabbed me in the side of the foot and i was bleeding - and i didn't just get back into my car and drive home, no way, i was determined to get to that stupid bakery and as i'm crossing the street it starts poring rain - boy, did i break a mirror or something?  And to top it all off it tasted horrible! 

Then..... today i am back working in the shop and i decide to cut some boxes apart to lay on the floor and i slipped some how and sliced through my finger, once again blood, ah geez!  I didn't even have band aids so i was forced to wrap my finger with a clean rag and wrap up with masking tape so than i had a finger the size of a hand practically and trying to clear coat all my furniture i was working on.  Ok so this is it!  That's 3 bad things in a row - no more, i am done!  I better be or i am not leaving the house until we leave for holidays on the 30th!!!! 

So this past couple weeks i learned to hang on for dear life when walking down my steps in the rain and flip flops (actually the next day Kevin came home with anti slip strips to put on the steps), to watch where i am walking when in my flip flops, that the Bakery isn't worth it and to always carry lots of band aids in my purse, oh and i purchased travellers medical insurance for our holidays because we are driving to Vegas and California for some treasure hunting and Disneyland and who knows what could happen to me in another country right? lol

I should have a couple before and afters to post about in the next few days  FINALLY right?


Tamarah said...

Heavens Linda I hope you're AOK....Please take care & invest in some sturdy work boots....Hey they're nowhere near as comfy as flip flops but they don't slip....!!!

Tamarah :o)

A Cottage Muse said...

Goodness Linda ~ be careful!! How bout wearing some pretty pink cowgirl boots?

awal.ny said...

Oh dear, but you save the slushy, silly woman. I hope you are feeling better this week. Sneakers are not usually as cute but they are better for the feet. Walk gently and stay away from sharp objects this week.

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad to hear that you're okay now.

Biljana said...

Hi Linda!I am glad to hear that you are o kay.
I am your newest follower, you have wonderful blog:))
Greetings from Europe, Biljana

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