Linda @ Painted Whyte July 8, 2010

Do you remember those red chairs i painted a while back?   Well this client is not afraid of colour that's for sure, which i really enjoy actually, a change from white for a bit never killed anyone right lol.  Poor Cheryl who was oh so sick today couldn't come to pick them up because she has that nasty cold that's going around (and i'm determined not to get it because i do NOT want to be sick on my holidays).  I just knew that seeing the reveal of her awesome finds would cheer her up, even if it was just for a little while so i decided to play hooky from sanding today to deliver them to her and pick up some much needed primer from the Home Depot in her area (since someone very rudely, lol cleaned out every single can of the primer i like to use from the Home Depot by my house).  I hope they made you feel better Cheryl :)

She found these two ugly shabby pieces on kijiji and told her husband they would be her birthday present - happy belated birthday Cheryl!  Its a good thing she can look past what they originally looked like and saw the potential they had.  It was the worst stained glass imitation i have EVER seen! 


With a little TLC, replace the horrible glass with mirror, some good wood glue, a splash of paint and some distressing..... TA - DAAAAAA!


(I just snapped a quick picture but once they are hung in her dining room, she will send me some better pictures)

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and good luck with this weekends treasure hunting!!!!


Mara said...

Oh, that's a transformation!!!

Have a nice week end!

chair up said...

Oh I love these Linda! How did you replace the glass with mirror? Did it just slot in?

Shabby to Chic Designs said...

Great Job! I live in Salem, OR...and I do have some of those lovely frames you commented on from my cottage sale:) I would have to figure out how to ship them and shipping costs...but, let me know if you think it would be worth it:) Thanks so much for commenting:) Great job on all that you do! Chandra

Christine said...

Hi Linda, they look great! Well done! Also there is a little award over at my blog for you to collect. Hope you are having a lovely day!
Christine x

laura said...

Hi linda,
I just found your blog throught Li at creamy white; you are so talented! I am so glad I did find your lovely blog and looking through all of your makeovers, I hope you are having a really lovely weekend!!
Laura currie,

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