Linda @ Painted Whyte July 4, 2010

You are going to be so jealous when you see what came home with me this weekend... hee hee  The first find is actually all because of my good friend Tracy - she text me yesterday saying "cream cans on kijiji if interested" - at first i was like, cream cans? huh?  But then i searched for it on kijiji and emailed the guy within seconds, as soon as i saw the picture i had to have them, he was asking $10 each or both for $15 so..... hello... of coarse i took both!  Tracy must have seen the post as soon as he advertised it because i was the first email and yeahhhh i picked them up last night.   Thank you soooooo much Tracy!!!!

Aren't they just perfectly old & rusted?  I love them.

So.... today i was driving to my place to finish a client piece and two block from my house was a garage sale - i've been trying to stay away from them because i always bring home too much stuff and when your unemployed you just can't always do that, but for some reason i swear my car just turned into the back alley and parked in front of this driveway.   Since i was already there i figured i might as well get out and take a quick look... what could be the harm right?  Well instantly i saw them and i'm sure i gracefully ran towards them huh ya right i almost tripped lol.  Take a look at these beauties!!!  They were asking for $5 each and so my new bargaining self offered $7 for both and she said YES!!!!  They are a pretty good size too :)

I can't wait to get some paint on these gals.  I haven't decided if i should put in mirror or maybe Kevin's parents wedding photo in one and my parent's wedding photo in the other.   What do you think?  Or i could put in mirror and sell them because i can't keep everything even though i really really want to.  Hmmm that's a hard decision.  I'll have to sleep on it i think.

Tomorrow i will have an awesome before and after to show you!!!


McCarthy Designs said...

You did well on both buys. Can't wait to see those frames when you are done! xx

chair up said...

I can relate to tripping over in the driveway of someone's garage sale in an effort to get there before all the good stuff goes!lol.
Great finds Linda. I'm sure what ever you do with the frames, they will look amazing.

Alaina said...

I think it is probably the hardest decisions to make, keep or sell. Keep one sell one?

A Cottage Muse said...

Holy Moly girl ~ what beautiful frames! Since you can't decide what to do with them I think I will take them off your hands!!! Ha!

Angie said...

GREAT finds!!!

Cheryl said...

I can't believe you got these two old milk cans for $15?! Wow! How awesome! And the frames, oh they will be beautiful. You should go into the personal shopping business - you would make a fortune! You certainly have an knack for being in the right place and the right time :-)

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Well Cheryl that would be awesome. I love love love to shop and it would be even better if it was someone elses money!! I found some awesome things today and will probably post them tomorrow.

Tamarah said...

AWESOME finds Linda that was one LUCKY stop....! Don't know which I LOVE best the frames or the rusty cans....hmmmmmmm....Nah....CAN'T choose.... :o) !!

Tamarah :o)

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