Linda @ Painted Whyte April 28, 2010

I think everyone has seen the pictures of the two chairs i finished on the weekend.  Well today they were delivered to there new home.  I recieved an email before they were even finished from the Whimsical Cake Studio saying she loved them and would like to purchase them.  I actually was hoping they wouldnt sell right away because i really loved them but i figured its not going to be much of a business if i keep everything for myself so off they go. 

Ok so since i delivered them to the cake studio i HAD to buy some cupcakes but typical for me i couldnt just buy one or two or even 7, i had to buy a dozen!  She said i could freeze them so i was like hell ya gimmy 12!  I am sharing them with Kevin and his girls ... honest!  I have had two today and i am so full there is no way i can eat them all myself... for real!!!  Take a look at a couple of them on this awesome plate i found at a thrift store last week.

The husband and wife duo of Whimsical Cake Studio even teach classes - its like Cake Boss!!  You have to check out all the cakes they have made.

Today i also wanted to say a huge thank you to Li from Creamy White for introducing me to the neighbourhood - she makes the cutest ruffle pillows and shower curtains and many other gorgeous things, so you should pop in for a visit.  I heard from several new bloggers, which brings me to my second thank you - thank you new followers for all the kind words you wrote on my blog, i appreciate each and every one of them - blogging has been such a positive experience for me and i hope that i don't ever stop being excited of having new followers - i'm at 20 now by the way woohoo :) lol

I have one more item to tell you guys about ... today after i said good-bye to my chairs i said hello to a new item that ummm followed me home.  I popped into one of my favorite goodwills this afternoon and found an antique end table.  I was trying to decide, should i buy it or should i say no because of the scary site of my shop area (see my last post) so of coarse i did what anyone of us would have done, i put it over my shoulder and walked proudly to the till.  Oh i forgot to say that when i was trying to make a decision this guy came up to me and was like "you really need to watch out because most of those are replicas" and he flipped it over and was like "yup you have to be careful for the fake partical board tables" and then he walked away a couple of steps.  Ok so the table was so not a fake and it was so obvious that it was REAL wood ... nice try buddy, how stupid do i look (maybe don't answer that lol). 

At the till i was waiting behind this lovely lady and we started talking and i told her my story, about my chairs i just sold and she thought it was fantastik that i was doing this - i of coarse gave her my blog address so i'm hoping Goodwill lady comes for a visit - anyway, she told the cashier that she knew me and asked if i could use her seniors discount and the cashier said yes so i got the table for even less.  Isn't that awesome?  Goodwill lady if you are reading this post i wanted to say thank you again for your kindness, i really appreciate it.  So here is the super cute table that followed me home today and jumping into the spotlight is one of my cats Paytah who was very curious.


Mara said...

Hi dear Linda! I'm here thanks to Li from Creamy White! You're very talented, girl! I think that making things that we love makes us happier, so I can understand what you mean saying that losing your 2 jobs was a signal!
New happy follower!

A Cottage Muse said...

Linda that table is so fabulous!! You know how I love white furniture, go for it!! Congrats on the sale of the chairs! LOL ~ and thanks for the few pounds I gained just looking at the cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

HI! Good job on selling the chairs - was a sign! I always love to see what everyone finds at the goodwill - I would have snatched that table up in a heartbeat, it's gorgeous.
Can't wait to see it all painted and pretty - too bad I don't live closer! :)
Enjoy your cupcakes ~

Alaina said...

Thank you for stopping by my garden whites. I knew I was going to like you when things pop into your car or just want to go home with you. That happens with chairs and tables, kind of like with stray animals, they tend to know who is going to give them a little love. That's what I tell my husband and I'm sticking to it. Have fun painting your new find.

Dating Really? said...

Congratulations on your sale!!!! Your work is beautiful! And you're so talented.

Allie @ Begin Again Furniture said...

Whenever I sell a piece it's always a small reaction of "what theheck I love this thing i don't wanna sell it!!" but of course, then if nothing sold, we could buy new stuff!! Congrats on your sale, and new purchase! :)

Marina at Shabby Whites said...

Came to visit from Li's blog. Love the magazine table that followed you home, can't wait to see the transformation. It's good to see people doing what they love as a business. Where are you located?
Have to say those cupcakes looks yum!

sweetpea said...

Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck on winning the giveback. You'll have lots of fun and meet the nicest people in bloglandia.



WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'Day Linda~I thought I would stop by for a visit over from Creamy White.I am now a follower look forward to blogging with you.The chairs are great! stop over for a visit.

The Cupcakes Yummo! My Fav as well! ~Cheers Kim

Razmataz said...

The cupcakes look lovely, and so is Li and her gorgeous ruffled pillows.

Danica said...

That table is simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I still need to finish some projects before I can even sell anything, so boo to me. ;)

Vintage Remixed said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for making me crave a cupcake now. ;-) Lovely photo by the way. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've devoted my old blog to all the questions one might have about transferring these graphics to fabric. There is a Q&A tab be sure to click on that because there is a Martha Stewart video on there of her using the same kind of Avery paper I do. It's a great video to watch before making these.

Creamy White said...

Hi Linda! I've been away from the computer on the past few many things with the kids lately, and again, I'll be in Red Deer on Wed for a dance competition. I can't wait to June!!!
Anyway, what a surprise about the guy in Stony Plain. I'll check how far is Morinville (never been there). But it will be fun to go to both, hey? I'm on it, rain or shine!!! We can plan our treasure hunting!!! It will be lovely!
Have a super week!
:-) Li

Alaina said...

Everyone needs chairs. Sometimes we special people find we just need or want a few more. I was thinking of selling my new slipcovered chair but I think it has become part of the family and her name is Suzie. Have fun painting your little table, I am working on two myself. Chairs, chairs, you gotta love chairs.

Donatella said...

lovely follower! going to go read more of your blog... glad i stopped by...

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