Linda @ Painted Whyte April 16, 2010

I put the hardware back on the desk - i ended up using the hardware that it came with and i spray painted them black.  I am so happy it is done - let me know what you think about this technique - it originally happened by accident lol - its hard to tell by the pictures but when you look up close in person you can really see what i've done.  If anyone is interested i have a dresser that matches this desk (not transformed yet) and i can match the color.  I love the character on this one with the queen anne style legs and the wavy trim.  Its perfect for any little boy or girls room.  You can see that when i distressed it i let some of the old blue show through.  I thought it gave it some added character.  If anyone is interested it is going into Painted Whyte's Store.


Danica said...

That desk turned out wonderful! And hey, if you ever need any help for your business, you know who to contact. ;) I'm quite good at decluttering and reorganizing.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think that looks wonderful! I really like the original hardware.


Anonymous said...

Your doing an awesome job, keep doing what you love to do!


Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your positive comments.

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