Linda @ Painted Whyte April 13, 2010

Everyone that knows me knows that i am NOT a morning person but this morning i was out of the house by 8:15am because i went to support a good friend of mine that i've known since high school in court today - it was very stressful but things went ok so that was really good. 

After coart I drove out to Stony Plain to check out my new favorite antique store and on the way home the goodwill - i found two awesome antique chairs (pictured below) that i cant wait to work on and my brain is thinking of ideas contstantly on what fabric to use for the cushions (any suggestions - they will be painted white i'm sure and distressed so i'm thinking maybe fancy lacey white material but not sure) - the funny part was driving home with the two chairs AND a dresser in my RAV4 along with all my many scrapbooking tool boxes - i had to get a little creative.  And when i got home a package had arrived for me woohoo - i love packages lol  I bought 3 blue antique books from Etsy for the built ins i bought (Yes Melanie i know they arent built ins anymore but i still like to call them that - they came out of a house that was built in 1910 ).  I will try to post some pictures of them tomorrow.

The funny thing is that i did all that and was home before i normally even wake up AND i didnt die from it.  I might have to do that again sometime... hmmm maybe not for a little while.  Obviously i havent been blessed with children yet or have a job right now,which is why i have the freedom to do this.  I know this will end eventually so i am going to enjoy it while i can!!!

OMG i almost forgot to mention that we also picked up a captains bed tonight that i found on Kijiji - just wait till you see how much i have to sand and paint - its going to be a big project - but we needed lots of storage and this one definetly has it - take a look at the pictures (the beds in pieces but it has 6 drawers on EACH side- isnt that crazy!)  For some reason i keep finding things that are painted a really horrible blue - not the nice blue thats popular right now thats forsure.  I am almost finished a desk that i am working on - it also was painted that ugly blue - see picture below.  I will post after pictures of the desk when it is done, this one has taken me a bit longer because i decided to try a new technique on it and i am really loving it so far.



Danica said...

You lucked out, this is some nice stuff. Can't wait to see them after you're finished.

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