Linda @ Painted Whyte April 10, 2010

Your not going to believe what i saw at the Antique Mall today - it was the baby of the headboard i missed out on the other day - it was the twin size exact replica!!!  At first i didnt see how small it was and started to get all excited but ... it was a twin :(   and for almost the same price as that queen was.  I'm hoping this means that others are floating around Edmonton and it will just be a matter of time before another queen turns up but anyone who knows me knows that i wasnt blessed with alot of patience. 

While treasure hunting i did find a gorgeous mirror that i have to have.  (My boyfriend says i have to have everything ... "well ya...what's your point" i say).  I guess i didnt learn my lesson because i left without it but i did get a cute pillow which fit in my unemployed budget ($10 vs $150 for the mirror). 


Danica said...

As a fellow unemployed gal, I can empathise with your budget. I have a feeling you could probably find a frame like that at a garage sale, paint it white and sell it for $100(or keep it).

I can't wait for garage sale season. Very excited at what I may find. I should check out the Antique Mall, that pillow is adorable!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

I know, i am so excited for garage sale season!!! You should check out the antique mall - tons of stuff but honestly it is way more expensive than One Man's Treasure but its fun just to see all the cool things. Just before you get to the antique mall on gateway blvd there is another antique store on the opposite side of the road - that ones really cool too!!

Danica said...

I've driven by the Antique Mall so many times. I've always wanted to go. Thanks for your comment about my new theme. I really like the white, just need a splash of colour. Must find a pretty picture for my header.

Urban Whyte said...

I know you are disappointed about the I hope this is still on Kijiji by the time you find this:

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Karen thanks so much for the link, i totally love it but yesterday i talked myself into another bed, we are really short on space & storage - we just picked it up tonight. Take a look at the pictures i just posted, i was thinking of painting it white of coarse and distressing it - i dont think the headboard will even show that much with all the bedding and pillows & it looks like captains beds are coming back in according to the Pottery Barn website

But now that i see the link you gave me i'm not sure if i made the right decision - what do you think? I guess if i dont like it once i refinish it i can sell it and start looking for a metal white one again. Thanks so much for thinking of me when you saw that ad.

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