Linda @ Painted Whyte April 27, 2010

Ok so this is a bit of a story. I own my own home and so does my boyfriend - i moved into his place and pretty much have all my nice stuff here in boxes because the entire house is in desperate need of a makeover and a very large drop off to goodwill ... bigtime! Ok try not to gasp in shock but the walls in the living room are a dark Ikea blue aaannnndd he thought bright red curtains would complete the look in the room. At about 3am one night the red curtains disapeared and oops how did they get in that goodwill bag? All i have to say right now is that i wish i was color blind. To make this worse, he is a total perfectionist so any reno takes FOREVER and he doesnt want me to do it - i mean ya i usually paint up the ceiling when i'm painting the walls but isnt that better than Ikea blue?  Luckily i paint furniture much better than i paint walls lol.

So over at my house.... my living room and dining room are being used as my shop right now until we can get a new garage built at home. Its kinda a pain because i have to keep driving back and forth but you do what you have to right? So i thought i would share some pictures of my future projects piled high in my living room - its pretty scary so use caution when looking at the pictures below.

and this doesnt include a full dining room suite which is behind me in this picture and in the foyer i have a buffet, half of a hutch, and a headboard.  Also behind me is my spraying area (dining room) - i spray my primer, paint and verathane using a high velocity paint sprayer that my boyfriend bought me from princess auto along with my air compresser.  I have plastic floor to ceiling stapled to the walls and cardboard on the floor to protect my hardwood.  It's an ok set up for now but i'm still looking forward to my future shop in our dream garage, and not at all looking forward to cleaning this dusty mess up. 

I think i am going to be busy for a long long time. I have to stop looking on kijiji - i just can't pass up a good deal - which is how the above picture happened in the first place.

Its pretty funny because if you would have told me in September 2009 that i would be wishing for a dream garage i would have said you were nuts!  But when i lost both of my jobs in October i really wanted to do something different and i honestly believe that if i would have found a job right away i never would have even tried this.  I know now that doing something creative is a must in order for me to be happy!!  So, even though i was really upset about my job losses, it really was a blessing in disguise!


A Cottage Muse said...

I thought that was a picture of my downstairs! Happy painting!!

Angie said...

Linda!! I couldn't agree more!! I've been a sahm mom for 11 years but in late 2008 the hubs was laid off of a 6 figure income job that he had for over 15 years. It's the same way I started painting my stuff!!! I know now TOO that I MUST have a job that allows me to be creative. Oh ya and to be honest- i'm a little jealous right now that you have an entire home to dedicate to this!!!! ;)

Alaina said...

Hi, I stopped over from Li's, she said you are a new blogger to check out. No, you are not the only one who gets excited when you see a new follower. I remember when I got my first one. I was so excited that someone actually liked what I wrote and my pictures. Enjoy blogging. You do a great job painting and I wish you luck with your new job. Oh and you have a new follower. ME.

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

Girl, Welcome to bloggerville! I am new, too. Started this month and have only posted three post. Creamy White said there was a new blog in town. I just had to come visit and welcome you. I know exactly how you feel about some one posting a comment and then following you. Oh the thrill. Oh.em.gee! I must have said that for three days straight. You hardly know what to do with all the emotion, it is so exciting. So ya know I have to follow. Looks like you in for a challenge with your new abode. I LOVE white furniture...

blog with bandonment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I just stopped by from Li's and so glad that I did. Your blog is beautiful and I'm so excited to follow you along in your new business adventure. That's exactly what I would love to do as well - I do it for myself and everyone comments on it, so why not?!?
Sounds interesting about your new home, I sure hope he's up for some girly decorating!
Good Luck with everything ~

Razmataz said...

Hi, I came from Li's blog to pay a visit. I wish you luck in your new business. I am in a similar business, so I know how much fun it is and hard work. Looking forward to following your blog.

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

You go, girl!

You're very inspiring - I love a girl that does what you do.

Sorry about the job losses - my man's been out of work for over a year and it's very hard, so I know.

I'm a follower, and a new blogger too (4 months).
Always happy to help, my email's on my blog


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

Danica said...

Hey chickie!

If you need any assistance with organizing or decluttering, I can definitely help. I've had a lot of practice over the years and I'm getting a ton of experience just working on my parents house.

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