Linda @ Painted Whyte April 21, 2010

Yesterday i started working on my chairs.  I cleaned them, sanded them and primed with Kiltz2 which is a waterbased primer that i like to use (way less smelly and makes the gun easy to clean afterwards) and guess what kept popping through?  Yup those nasty bleeding stains, how fun is that ... NOT!  I primed both of them anyway just so i could see where the stains were.  I went straight to Home Depot and left with a spray can of Kiltz original which is an oil based primer and works the best out of all of them (just very smelly and i then don't use my paint sprayer). 

Today i went back to the chairs and sprayed the new primer and it worked - no bleeding this time - woo hoo!!  So now i am ready for the paint.  If anyone knows a way to be able to use the water based primer and have the stain blocker actually work, please let me know.  I have read on google some people suggest cleaning everything with TSP before priming but i'm wondering if there is anything less harsh that can be used.  This has only happened to me twice but i would rather not have to prime twice if i dont have to.

Comments, suggestions or your own experiences are very welcome!


chair up said...

What a great blog. I'm so glad to have found you and am now a follower.
I am about to prime some cane dining chairs that have been stained...hope there are no dramas. I'm fine with upholstering but still learning as I go, in the paint department.
I'm looking forward to seeing your finished chairs :o)

chair up said...

Thanks for following my blog Linda, and leaving a comment. Actually the cane chairs I am about to paint are not the same ones as in the photo. Honestly, I have chairs coming out my ears at the moment. Hopefully I can get onto them soon and do a post once they're finished. There are 6 of them. Once they are done there will be an empty corner in my garage (ready for more chairs!)

A Cottage Muse said...

I always use the oil base primer. Have you tried Home Depot's Behr primer/paint yet? I am going to try it this weekend (I hope). Looking forward to seeing your upcycled chairs!!

Allie @ Begin Again Furniture said...

I also paint furniture for a living, and I would swear that Kilz Oil Based primer would cover ANYTHING! I love it so much, despite the awful smell and plus it ruins brushes, but it's worth it!!

mrso' said...

Hi, I just found your blog! I paint a lot of furniture as well and swear by Kilz. It's the only thing I've found that does not bleed!

carebear3117 said...

Hi Linda,

I am glad I came across your blog! You do wonderful work and it is great to meet another Edmontonian. I purchased Natura Safe prep at Home Hardware on 111 avenue and 149 street in their paint department. It can be found on the same shelf as the TSP. It says it is safe to use as an alternative to TSP. I just used it on a china cabinet that I re-did and I found it worked well.

Here is what is posted about this product online.

Natura Safe Prep
A safe alternative to TSP for paint preparation. Naturally derived, non corrosive, biodegradable and phosphate free. Odorless and will not pollute systems and waterways. Concentrated no rinse formula.

Price: $3.99

carebear3117 said...

Me again. A really great primer is Glidden Gripper. It can be tinted just like paint and is supposed to stick to glossy surfaces as long as they are clean and lightly scuffed up. It is also waterbased it hardly has any odor and I am really sensitive to paint smells. I used it on my china cabinet but I had it tinted a medium gray and then I painted the cabinet cream. I am at the distressing stage so we will see how it looks with the gray coming through the cream.
Anyway, I am beginning to ramble! :)

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Thanks Carebear3117! I've never even heard of those two items but i will forsure pick some up and give them a try. I pretty much gave up on waterbased primer and clearcoat - oilbased works so much better but your right they have a horrible strong smell and if i could find something waterbased that works well i will forsure make the switch back! I would love to see your china cabinet when your finished, please email me a picture!!!

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